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Being Technology agnostic | PIM neutral means we provide independent advice.  Having worked across multiple PIM | MDM vendors also mean we can develop and design PIM strategies and processes that work for your unique business not just a best practice approach for all.

We take a holistic approach to MDM / PIM initiatives, developing and implementing strategies that are practical, realistic, and affordable. We straddle strategy formulation, process design, people and operations while maintaining a technology-agnostic approach so our customers get the best possible solutions.

Our specialisations include:

Our approach is one of collaboration, complementing your skills and resources with ours to establish a fully operational and optimised MDM/PIM environment so that your digital transformation strategy can be realised in the shortest possible timeframe

Benefits of Implementing a PIM Review | Strategy:

1. Improved Operational Efficiency: A well-executed PIM strategy streamlines product information management processes, reducing manual effort, data inconsistencies, and errors. This leads to improved operational efficiency, reduced time-to-market for new products, and increased productivity.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Consistent, accurate, and enriched product information across all channels enhances the customer experience. It helps customers make informed purchasing decisions by providing detailed and relevant information about products. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat purchases.

3. Increased Sales and Revenue: Effective PIM strategy enables organisations to deliver personalised product experiences tailored to individual customer needs. By ensuring that the right product information is available at the right time through the right channels, businesses can drive sales conversions, cross-selling opportunities, and revenue growth.

"Leverage our expertise and experience in your MDM / PIM strategy "

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PIM Review & Optimisation

Hullabaloo’s PIM (Product Information Management) review is a process that
involves evaluating and assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of your PIM
system | implementation. It aims to identify any gaps, weaknesses, or areas for
improvement in managing product information within your organisation and across all your digital channels.

Data Analysis

Our Data & Content factory experts will audit the quality, accuracy, completeness, and consistency of product information stored in the PIM system. This will help to identify any gaps, errors and inconsistencies with attributes and product data to help us better determine whether the current taxonomy and product hierarchy supports or warrants modification to support your product data in the PIM and into the future.

PIM System Evaluation

We review the system architecture, infrastructure, and integration as-is capabilities. It aims to identify any technical limitations or bottlenecks that may hinder the efficient management of product information. System evaluation also includes analysing user interfaces, workflows, Business rules and automation features to determine if they meet your organisation’s requirements to support effective product data management | communication.

Business Process Review

We examine the processes and workflows involved in managing product information within your organisation. This service aims to identify any inefficiencies or gaps in existing processes that may impact the accuracy and timeliness of product data updates. It involves mapping out current processes, identifying pain points, and recommending improvements or optimisations to streamline data management workflows.

Data Governance Assessment

Focuses on evaluating the policies, procedures, and controls in place to govern product data within your organisation and forms the foundation of a successful PIM strategy.  This service ensures that there are clear guidelines and responsibilities for managing product information effectively. It involves assessing data ownership, access controls, data quality standards, and compliance with regulatory requirements such as data privacy and security. A data governance assessment helps identify any gaps or weaknesses in your organisation’s data governance framework and provides recommendations for improvement.

Change Management Support

Change management support is essential during a PIM review to ensure successful implementation of any recommended changes or improvements. This service involves developing a change management plan, including communication strategies, training programs, and stakeholder engagement activities. It aims to minimise resistance to change and facilitate the adoption of new processes or system enhancements.

Analytics and Reporting

Hullabaloo’s PIM review | strategy incorporates analytics and reporting capabilities to measure the effectiveness of your product information management efforts. By analysing data on product performance, customer behaviour, and channel effectiveness, you get to make well informed decisions to optimise your PIM processes to drive business growth.

Data Integration

Our review will report on the level of Integration in place with PIM and other systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), e-commerce platforms, and marketing automation tools and their seamless data flow across different channels. Integration ensures that accurate and up-to-date product information is available to all stakeholders in real-time.

Channel Syndication

A key aspect of a PIM strategy is the ability to syndicate product information across various channels such as websites, marketplaces, mobile apps, print catalogues, social media platforms, and more. Channel syndication ensures consistent messaging and branding across all touchpoints while adapting the information to meet specific channel requirements.

Localisation & Internationalisation

For organisations operating in multiple markets, a PIM strategy should include localisation and internationalisation capabilities. This involves translating product information into different languages, adapting content to local market preferences, and complying with regional regulations and standards.

Vendor Evaluation

In some cases, organisations may consider switching or upgrading their existing PIM system during a review. Vendor evaluation services help assess different PIM software solutions available in the market. This involves conducting a thorough analysis of vendor capabilities, product features, pricing models, and customer reviews. The goal is to select a PIM solution that aligns with the organisation’s requirements and provides the necessary functionality for effective product information management. 

Being PIM Tech agnostic, we believe we can act in your best interests and business requirements as we are unbiased and impartial when evaluating the market.

Strategy & Consulting

Successful digital transformations are journeys that have, as their ultimate goal, the delivery of organisational-wide frictionless employee and customer experiences that support this formula. And achieving this is not always easy.

At Hullabaloo, we don’t pretend to know your business, your operations, or the legacies of the past. That is why we partner for success – working collaboratively with you to define, prioritise, implement, and operate the right digital strategies to deliver on your business goals.

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