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About Us

Established in 2007, Hullabaloo Solutions is an Australian company providing solutions and services enabling business to optimise and accelerate their digital transformation strategies. We align Strategy, Technology, Data, People & Processes for better business.

Our business originates from “Cyberlynx Procurement Services”, a joint venture formed by Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Woolworths Limited, Lion Nathan, Carter Holt Harvey (Now OJI Fibre), Telecom NZ (Now Spark NZ), EDS (a HP Company), and Promina Insurance (Now Suncorp).

The sale of Cyberlynx Procurement Services in 2006 paved the way for a management buyout, and the rest as they say is history… WELCOME To Hullabaloo Solutions.

Our Vision

Is to be your trusted advisor and the leading provider of knowledge solutions & services underpinning B2B and B2C digital transformations, delivering outcomes that exceed expectations and provide competitive advantage – for better business.

Why partner with us?

We bring specialised knowledge and expertise in leveraging technology to drive business growth and innovation. Our valuable insights, best practices and lived experience can help provide your organization the strategic guidance to navigate the complex digital landscape. We have strong MDM | PIM heritage and lived business experience.

When we refer to a Lived Experience it is based on our learnings from having Implemented PIM |MDM in our own business – We launched Australia’s first managed services product Content Exchange Platform (cXp) in 2007, which included a supplier portal, MDM | PIM – multi-tenant environment and an e-Catalogue solution which was utilised by our customer, the NSW Government for 6 years.

We can help design, develop and implement robust data processes and strategies for MDM and PIM.

Content Factory | ISO rated – We treat data as a strategic asset for decision making. Having cleansed, enriched and transformed over 6 million SKUs since 2007. We understand first-hand the business implications and costs of bad data and the need for Accurate, consistent, complete and enriched data for product search, customer experience and data analytics tools for insights that drive performance improvements and uncover valuable business intelligence.

Taxonomy Design & Development – We review and build data models and design data strategies that optimise MDM | PIM systems. Our Domain knowledge and experts help accelerate and optimise Digital transformation strategies.  

Enabling Your Supplier Community – We understand the barriers to supplier participation and the importance of enabling your supplier community to participate in your digital commerce journey – Our experienced supplier enablement teams have worked with customers to design enablement strategies that ramp up their supplier communities and deliver process efficiencies. We have managed over 2 Million SKUs across thousands of suppliers as well as syndicating content to CMS and PIM | MDM systems for our largest client the NSW Government.

MDM | PIM specialists – Our heritage is in MDM | PIM – Hullabaloo implemented and operated a MDM|PIM managed services platform for the NSW Government’s eMarketplace. Having been Awarded the Data and Content aggregator to the NSW Government we enabled their supplier community of 2K suppliers and managed and published over 2 Million product items.

Our Customers – Include some of Australia’s top 1000 companies.
Our Values
How we can help you:

Our methodologies and processes have been honed and proven working with some of Australia’s largest companies and Government organisations.

Whether the focus of your business project is on the “buy-side” or “sell-side” we have created a suite of services and solutions to help you join the ‘digital dots’ between you and your customers. We can help:

Define and implement effective eBusiness strategies

Support your MDM / PIM, ERP, eProcurement, and eCommerce implementations

Conduct independent assessments of your systems to determine their effectiveness, better leverage their capabilities, and identify other opportunity areas

Turn poor data into high-quality commerce ready data for multi-channel commerce

Gain competitor intelligence across the web enabling you to make informed strategic decisions on pricing and new product launches

Talk to us today to see how we can help you on your eCommerce journey.

How we engage

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Hullabaloo. We provide our customers with the best possible with flexible business engagement models available to achieve their business goals. Learn more about how we engage here.

Our specialisations

Business Consulting and Strategy Development

Supplier Enablement Services & eCommerce Advisory
MDM | PIM Optimisation & Implementation Services

Data Analytics & Content Enrichment Services

Mobile App & Web Development Services
Advanced Web Harvesting Services

Data Integration Services

Priint Suite: Multichannel Publishing Platform for Product Communication

All designed to optimise and accelerate your Digital Transformation strategy regardless of what stage of the journey your business is at.

"Leverage our expertise as much or as little as needed"

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Strategy & Consulting

Successful digital transformations are journeys that have, as their ultimate goal, the delivery of organisational-wide frictionless employee and customer experiences that support this formula. And achieving this is not always easy.

At Hullabaloo, we don’t pretend to know your business, your operations, or the legacies of the past. That is why we partner for success – working collaboratively with you to define, prioritise, implement, and operate the right digital strategies to deliver on your business goals.

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