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The modularity of the priint:suite allows the components to be used individually or collectively; enabling the users publishing platform to be successively built to meet their specific needs and requirements. This offers unique scaling possibilities.


The priint:suite is a modular system that can be operated as an integrated publishing platform. Alternatively, the individual components can also be used singularly. This offers unique scaling possibilities – starting from a single-user solution for the creative designer to a company-wide enterprise publishing system.

The components of the priint:suite undertake different tasks:

Data Management

With priint:hub, a wide variety of source content systems can be easily integrated to make the data usable for marketing purposes.

Publication Management

The priint:planner manages and supports the entire publication creation process: Compiling, page rendering, page finishing, corrections, data preparation.


The priint:rendering engines offer various components for output to InDesign, Illustrator, PDF and HTML5.

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