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Transforming Data for Strategic Advantage

We turn raw, incomplete, and often cryptic master data into commerce-ready product information for eCommerce engines and enterprise applications, which increases revenues, reduces costs, speeds up delivery to market, increases online competitiveness, and accelerates digital transformation.

As Australia’s premier Product Data Services company, we have cleansed and enriched over 6.8 million SKUs for organisations and Government agencies across Australia and New Zealand to support their B2B and B2C eCommerce sites and business applications.

Our Data Services Optimise: eCommerce sales, data analytics, data migration, data integration, e-Procurement systems, PIM, MDM systems.


Hullabaloo’s content factory is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 8000-110:2020 standards, respectively, ensuring the highest quality of processed and delivered data.

We collaborate with you to:

Develop data taxonomies and classification hierarchies

Acquire, clean, standardise and normalise content
Enrich and publish content for channel consumption

Transform and integrate data across systems

Design and implement governance structures
Content Factory: Data Transformation Services

We are experts in enhancing and optimising product data for various Business Applications and eCommerce platforms.

Our domain experts have delivered significant process efficiency, cost savings, and revenue growth to organisations across the following industries:

Master Data Audit
Take advantage of our NO CHARGE Data Audit

Decision-makers and planners rely heavily on high-quality data to achieve successful e-business outcomes. Hullabaloo offers a unique NO CHARGE Data Diagnostic service that can assess the readiness of your enterprise’s product data for various e-business initiatives such as e-procurement, Inventory control, Spend analysis, Enterprise visibility, and Master Data Management & Data Synchronization.

Our technology and processes have been developed through real-world experience gained from numerous industry projects, making it a proven service offering. To begin, our domain experts will:

  • Analyse an agreed subset of your product data at NO CHARGE
  • Provide a detailed data diagnostic report card on its findings
  • Transform your sample data

Our experts will also guide you through the report’s potential impact on your e-business initiative(s) and any actions you can take to optimise your success and return on investment.

Contact us for more information and to upload sample data.

"Leverage our expertise as much or as little as needed"

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Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is identifying and correcting errors, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies in your data regardless of where it is stored. Hullabaloo offers ETL tools, processes, and experts that can be utilised to cleanse and transform your data as much or as little as you need. Whether you are working on an ERP data migration or Master Data Management project, Product Data Management, or catalogue enrichment project, our services can help you.

Data Classification

Since 2007, our domain experts have classified millions of product data according to global standards and proprietary schemas.

Accurate data classification is crucial to optimising B2B and B2C platforms. It simplifies navigation for searching and purchasing.

Data Normalisation

Data Normalisation is the systematic approach of organising data consistently and structuredly to reduce redundancy and enhance data integrity. In today’s digital landscape, where online channels are becoming increasingly important, providing a rich and consistent user experience is crucial while presenting product data to customers. Data normalisation services can help ensure that all product items, their descriptions, and values within categories in their class are consistently organised throughout your catalogue or digital channels.

Data Enrichment

This process involves obtaining or enhancing data related to products, customers, or structured data in its unrefined and ambiguous form from various databases, suppliers, and manufacturers. The data is then transformed completely to create commerce-ready content, which includes rich product and marketing descriptions, feature bullets, complete product attributes, digital assets, and improved customer information.

This content is designed to provide customers with a great experience across all aspects of your business, including digital channels, search engine optimization, sales, marketing, and business intelligence applications that drive strategic decision-making.

Digital Assets – Creation | Sourcing | Editing

Creating high-quality and visually appealing content is crucial to providing your customers with an immersive experience that reflects your brand’s lifestyle. Our team of Digital Asset Services is equipped to source, edit, resize and create rich images, brochures, videos, music, technical sheets, safety data sheets, and more to ensure that every product item conveys complete and accurate information for exceptional customer experience.

Data Maintenance

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date data is essential to ensure the consistency of your product catalogue. With our extensive experience in managing over 6.8 million product items and onboarding thousands of suppliers.

We offer content factory services and tools that help you classify new products, create new categories, or enhance your existing catalogue. Whether you want us to manage the process for you or need dedicated on-demand content resources to improve your in-house capabilities, we have got you covered.

Our data maintenance service optimises your product catalogue to provide clean, consistent, complete product data for all your consumption channels. With us taking care of your product updates, you can focus on your customers without worrying about the quality of your product data.

Attribute Gap Filling

Hullabaloo provides attribute extraction services for all attribute schemas used in different industries. Furthermore, we can create new attribute sets by utilising our in-house domain expertise and knowledge. Our advanced tools enable us to identify attributes either in a description, through online sourcing, or by OCR scanning paper-based documents, extracting them accurately while filling any missing values with the correct information.

Data Conversion & Syndication

Hullabaloo offers a range of services to help clients manage their digital content. These include converting existing e-content and catalogue data into industry-standard formats, such as impEx files, CSV, CUP, CIF, cXML, xCBL, BMECat, and more. Our team can also transform and publish catalogue content to third-party sites and marketplaces and, maintain the content online for you for as long as needed.

Data Digitisation

We offer a service that can convert paper documents into electronic format using innovative and cost-effective processes. Our clients have seen a greater return on investment and exceptional quality deliverables for their outsourced conversion projects. Our data conversion process ensures an accuracy rate of 99.99% and higher. We undertake conversions to text, HTML, XML, and other formats.

Product Data Taxonomy Building and Mapping

Since 2007, Hullabaloo’s team of taxonomy and domain experts has assisted companies across Australia and New Zealand in conducting reviews into the selection of Industry standards, including designing and building product hierarchies based on the relationship between their products within their Industry/domain.

Our objective is to enable your customers to easily navigate and find the products they are interested in. Our domain experts then define the category-specific attributes within each Segment, Class and family of products or services. 
Our taxonomy experts are proficient in building classification hierarchies and can map from any proprietary schema to global schemas.

Strategy & Consulting

Successful digital transformations are journeys that have, as their ultimate goal, the delivery of organisational-wide frictionless employee and customer experiences that support this formula. And achieving this is not always easy.

At Hullabaloo, we don’t pretend to know your business, your operations, or the legacies of the past. That is why we partner for success – working collaboratively with you to define, prioritise, implement, and operate the right digital strategies to deliver on your business goals.

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