Enterprise Product Information Management


Exploit the full up-selling potential in your internal sales office

A common complaint among retailers is how time-consuming purchase order processing can be when incoming orders are not covered by the core assortment. When this occurs, the internal sales office is forced to spend time tracking down the required items. Centralized platforms for product information management (PIM) can speed up search and ordering processes by up to 80%.


A central platform for all products facilitates up-selling and cross-selling in the internal sales office


The benefits

  • Increased sales through up- and cross-selling
  • Electronic access to all supplier catalogs
  • Automatic enhancement of the core assortment
  • Shorter search times for special items thanks to a fault tolerant multi-supplier      search
  • Transparency in terms of special items sold
  • Active assortment management
  • Direct integration into SAP R/3 SD


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