Single Point of Search - via internal catalogs and external online shops

Hullabaloo’s Business Catalog powered by Heiler is an electronic catalog solution for finding, visualizing, comparing, and ordering items in purchasing. Heiler Business Catalog is a search engine for both internal supplier catalogs and external online shops. PunchOut and index catalogs make it possible to conduct these searches from one central location.
Beschrijving: Single Point of Search
In the PunchOut scenario, buyers procure products via external online shops and internal catalogs. At the same time, they use procurement systems such as SAP, Ariba or Oracle. The Heiler solution supports the most important interface formats in the standard system, namely OCI, cXML, and Oracle XML.

The Benefits:

  • Reduce the effort involved by making the supplier responsible for content management
  • The latest supplier product information
  • Procure particularly complex products directly from a supplier
  • Use PunchOut technology to connect particularly large catalogs


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