Updating purchasing info records or contracts

Electronic supplier catalogs - such as Heiler Business Catalog - always contain prices that have been negotiated and verified. These prices are then transferred to SAP SRM or other e-procurement systems where they are used for procurement purposes. However, other procurement processes in the ERP system must also be able to use purchasing data.

Which procurement processes are not covered by the use of an electronic catalog? Let's think of planned repairs that require an initial quotation or an automated replenishment of warehouse stocks. Traditional procurement processes continue to occur, even in times of highly automated, digitalized business processes.

Unfortunately, the ERP system does not contain information about materials procured in this way. As a central means of procurement, Heiler Business Catalog contains all contractual information for companies such as Nordmilch or Südchemie and it automatically provides this information, thus facilitating the use of electronic supplier catalogs for other ERP processes and safeguarding compliance.


The Benefits

  • Compliance with existing contracts
  • Time savings as a result of automatically updated info records
  • Improved material master data thanks to supplier product data


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