Simple procurement for intuitive usability: product inquiries and warehouse stock displays with SAP SRM

Often, companies do not reap the anticipated savings associated with implementing an e-procurement system because the optimized process flow may be disrupted by a lack of user acceptance. Often, this is due to a complicated user interface and inadequate search options.

Hullabaloo’s catalog solution powered by Heiler enables users of SAP systems to find and identify the products they require more quickly and more easily. Powerful search functions help the user to find the right item immediately. Its close integration with SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) ensures a seamless and convenient procurement process without any compromises.


The Product Inquiry Workflow for items not contained in the catalog.


The Benefits

  • Integration into SRM (Heiler catalog called directly in SAP SRM – Supplier      Relationship Management)
  • Error-tolerant search, filter mechanisms, and a proposal function support the       user
  • Warehouse stock display screen: real warehouse stock at plant level and     storage location level from the SAP system displayed directly in the catalog
  • Product Inquiry Workflow facilitates orders for items not contained in a catalog


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