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Web-based assignment of products to promotional material pages in page planning.


Large retail chains or well-known discount stores invest heavily in regular, high-impact supplements. On a weekly basis, promotional flyers, comprising just a few pages, advertise the latest offers in relation to the weekly theme or particular advertising campaign (for example, Christmas, New Year, Easter or a “Shedding those Extra Pounds” advertising campaign). Frequently, the advertising strategy deployed by many leading, well-known companies is very down-to-earth and no longer has a contemporary feel. The concept adopted for new supplements simply involves the use of old flyers, some paper, scissors, and glue…

The latest solutions are helpful when planning the page layout of product flyers online – the finishing touches can be applied manually. Nowadays, products can be specifically assigned to individual pages or double-page spreads. When creating flyers, supplements, brochures or creatively designed product catalogs, companies can deploy automated workflow solutions in order to significantly improve the release process between product management, purchasing, and advertising art, or an agency.


Beschrijving: Elektronische Kataloge mit Product-Finder im Internet Using drag & drop, products are placed in the required page location and linked to a defined product layout. Pages can also be linked to a predefined page layout. Alternatively, blank pages without any layout specifications can be added. The above example shows Heiler Media Manager.

The Benefits:

  • You considerably improve the release process between product management,       purchasing, and commercial art or an agency.
  • You deploy the latest technology to create page planning for your product flyer       online.
  • You always work with the latest product information.
  • You can easily create the chapter or page structure.


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