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Web-based localization of product-related promotional material.


Localization is not simply translation. Multinational companies also have to adapt their promotional material to include additional content. Depending on the country and cultural background, it may be necessary to use other product versions, colors or campaign images. Furthermore, depending on the language selected, syllabic hyphenation should be possible in texts.

Let's consider a practical example, namely promotional flyers or supplements that market the use of high-visibility reflective vests in European road safety. The artwork is supplied by a manufacturer or distributor in Germany, where orange vests are the top seller. The background illustration shows a green wooded landscape as a backdrop to a curved stretch of road with typical German black-and-white boundary posts. In addition to the translation, currency, and country-specific prices, a local illustration must be used in such campaigns. Here, we must consider the following: natural landscapes, left-hand or right-hand driving, other types of road traffic signs, etc. Depending on access rights, it may or may not be possible to change the brand logoBeschrijving: Web-based localization of product-related promotional material.
Localization in web-to-print: Products released in the PIM system can be placed online in Heiler’s Media Manager and tailored to specific country requirements.
The Benefits:

  • You ensure compliance with your corporate design.
  • You can easily adapt your promotional material to local or international requirements.
  • You always work with up-to-date product data from the Product Information Management (PIM) system
  • You avoid high external costs for agencies or graphic designers.


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