Holding on to key accounts through personalized electronic catalogs

Major customers want up-to-date, accurate details of your assortments. You can significantly increase the sales generated by your key accounts through direct targeting of customers and strategic cross-selling. How?  By ensuring that your assortments are perfectly aligned with your customers‘ requirements.  Heiler can provide a solution where customer-specific product information is made available in a central catalog system. “PunchOut” catalogs with powerful search functions can be integrated directly into the customer‘s e-procurement system, thereby reinforcing brand identity and increasing customer retention.


Your Your catalog search engine is integrated directly into your customers' procurement systems (for example, SAP SRM).

The Benefits:

  • Transaction costs are reduced thanks to the exchange of data from electronic catalogs.
  • Sales are boosted by internationally available PunchOut catalogs.
  • Product information is always up-to-date.
  • Strategic cross-selling improves sales figures.
  • Enhanced data quality equals increased customer retention.
  • Similarity search and feature search functions make it easy to locate technical      products.
  • Sell-side functions for entering supplier addresses
  • Order history for traceability and fast reprocurement
  • Availability check and extensive reporting functions

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