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Online Electronic Catalogs with Product Finder


Many e-commerce platforms do not provide sufficient features for managing product information and its associated media data. Existing materials management systems do not fully support the necessary product information spectrum, which requires an e-commerce platform. Thanks to an integrated solution that comprises a product information management (PIM) system and an Internet Sales Catalog, companies can benefit from powerful data management features and provide their customers with an intuitive, easy-to-operate internet catalog that not only has search and order options, but also contains high quality product information.

Beschrijving: Elektronische Kataloge mit Product-Finder im Internet

The Benefits:

  • Similarity search for accelerating a product search
  • Feature search for finding technical products
  • Availability check
  • Sellside function for logging delivery addresses
  • Order history for traceability and faster reordering
  • Budgeting for a controlled procurement process
  • Reporting


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