Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleansing


Hullabaloo specialises in providing data cleansing services through an exclusive panel of content service providers and domain experts, working with operational teams to agree on correct noun-modifier combinations, attributes and their correct and complete set of attribute values.


Hullabaloo can also provide attribute extraction to any industry standard or we can develop proprietary sets of attributes using our internal domain expertise and knowledge.


Clean, Consistent, Complete, accurate product and vendor data provide the foundation for maximizing the ROI of technology investments in e-Procurement / Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Client Relationship Management (CRM), Product Information Management (PIM) and for completing meaningful Spend Analysis.



Hullabaloo assists in creating and maintaining clean, consistent and complete item master and vendor master files turning what is often cryptic and unusable data into actionable information.


Our complete range of data cleansing services includes:

  • Data normalization and rationalization
  • Noun Modifier identification
  • Duplicate part identification and removal
  • Attribute extraction and population
  • Abbreviation expansion
  • De-duplication and Item master creation
  • ·Supplier and manufacturer rationalization



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