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Decision makers and planners are highly dependant on good quality data for successful e-business outcomes.


Hullabaloo’s unique “NO CHARGE” Data Diagnostic service can help you determine the readiness of your enterprise product data for E-procurement, Inventory control, Spend analysis, Enterprise visibility and Master Data Management & Data Synchronisation initiatives.  


As a proven service offering our technology and processes have been developed from the real experience gained across many industry projects.   To begin Hullabaloo’s domain experts analyse an agreed subset of your enterprise / product data at “NO CHARGE” and then deliver a detailed data diagnostic report card on its findings. Our experts will then walk you through the potential impact this report may have on your e-business initiative(s) and the steps necessary to optimise your success and return on investment. 


Based on identified requirements, Hullabaloo’s proven content factory processes will consolidate, classify, cleanse, enhance and transform your product data with the application of relevant classification schema’s, codes and categories for items all the way to populating fields with detailed attributes with commerce rich information like images and specification sheets that facilitates successful end user experience and decision making.

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