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Coupa is the leading on-demand provider of solutions that control and streamline purchasing for organisations large and small. Coupa e-Procurement delivers a simple, quick and affordable solution managing requisitions, purchase orders, RFQs, inventory and invoicing, with no hardware to buy or software to license.
Combining deep domain knowledge in e-procurement, a best-in-class software-as-a-service platform and a network of more than 3,000 suppliers, Coupa have partnered with Hullabaloo Solutions, Australia’s leading data and  content services aggregator to allow even more companies to manage spend better and save money.

Beschrijving: Advanced Enterprise Procurement
Redefining the e-Procurement System
e-Procurement software isn’t new.  In fact, e-procurement software has been around for nearly two decades. Sadly though, much of it sits on the shelf unused. 
It just never delivered on its promise… until now!


Removing Risk with Coupa e-Procurement
Most e-procurement initiatives failed for one of three reasons:

  • The software priced out all but the largest companies.
  • The software was too hard to implement.
  • The software was too difficult to use, so adoption in the user community never reached the critical mass that the procurement and finance organisations needed to increase spend under management to desired levels.

Coupa resolves these problems with a fully-functional procure-to-pay platform that is delivered in the cloud and People are starting to notice



Anything’s Possible in the Cloud
In the cloud there is no hardware to buy, software to install or IT projects to manage. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of cloud applications – at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.

With an average deployment cycle requires fewer than ten hours of time, including integration to financial and accounting applications, you can cut your first purchase order in less than 90 minutes


An e-Procurement System That Empowers


Your procurement solution should be an enabler for employees, not a barrier.  But all too often, hard-to-use solutions that require extra processing and confusing requirements make it difficult for employees to get what they need when they need it.
No matter how or what you buy, Coupa can support you
Coupa simplifies the requisitioning process with a user experience found only in popular consumer websites. With an intuitive, Web interface users can:

  • Simply “search” for what they need and receive results across all online catalogues, punch-out sites, and even popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon.com and Shopping.com
  • Easily request non-catalogue goods and services through free-form requests and web form templates
  • Access company specific “How to Buy” policies, price comparisons and supplier ratings when it’s needed most – during the requisition process


Stop inappropriate spending before it happens. 
No more ask-forgiveness-not-permission purchasing or expense statement surprises. With Coupaspending is controlled:

  • Automatically send requisitions through the approval chain based on purchase amount and internal hierarchies
  • Eliminate processes delays and approve purchases directly through email, Blackberry or iPhone
  • Receive real-time alerts when spend or budgets reach certain levels.

Save time and reduce errors with purchasing automation
Coupa enables purchase order automation, saving administrative time and resources. Use the extra time to track spending more closely using our dynamic reports. Use Coupa to:

  • Automatically generate purchase orders and issue them directly to suppliers
  • Make changes to issued purchase orders and track revisions, including payments
  • Automate purchase order approvals, budget checking and reporting


Rid yourself of the headaches associated with paper invoices.
Coupa eliminates the mounds of paper and inefficiency so common in managing paper invoices from suppliers. With Coupa you can:

  • Flip POs into invoices automatically, reducing typing and eliminating mistakes
  • Apply quantity and dollar-based approval tolerances
  • Kick out suspicious invoices to an approval desk for thorough review

A User Experience That Delivers Real Results

Increases spend under management by at least 20% and generate savings of 10% or more
Companies of all sizes are practicing smarter spending with Coupa e-Procurement. With an interface that resembles Google more than enterprise software, Coupa boasts a user adoption rate that surprises even our customers.  And with greater adoption, spend under management increases, and so do savings - from contract compliance and from process efficiencies with unique innovations like iRequest that make it easy for users to find great deals on items for which no negotiated pricing exists.

iRequest and iBuy
Empower employees to do exactly what they do in their personal lives.  Shop online and find the best deals.  CoupaiRequest makes it possible, and easy, to requisition any item from any website, and still apply the approval workflows and controls of the Coupa purchasing system.  Now every employee can help the company save money.


Executive Dashboards
With dashboards for spending, supplier performance, liquidity and savings, Coupa customers can now:

  • track spend against savings goals and budgets
  • quantify savings directly from transactional flow through the platform
  • capture preferred relationship savings (contract savings) at the supplier, contract and item level
  • forecast future spending
  • monitor supplier performance and ratingsmonitor liquidity by charting company cash flow
  • benchmark spend performance against the market

Procurement organisations can quantify the savings they generate, and benchmark their performance against the market for eighteen different key performance indicators, including:

  • savings as a percentage of spend
  • average approval time percentage of requisitions rejected
  • percentage of purchase orders revised
  • percentage of non-matched invoices

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