Outsourcing: Supplier integration as a service

Good supplier data is a key success factor for the efficient use of an e-procurement system. To provide extensive assortment coverage, it is necessary to check and format large volumes of product data in purchasing companies and then integrate this data into a catalog system. With Hullabaloos Catalog Services, it is possible to simplify these processes (by automating them) or to completely outsource them to our service team. All that remains is a procurement system with perfectly formatted catalog data.

The supplier himself then places his catalog into the system. Once the catalog undergoes a check to ensure that it is technically correct and accurate in terms of content, the buyer can then check the catalog to ensure that it is commercially correct. The high level of automation, along with the efficient coordination of workflows by the system, enables supplier data to be quickly integrated into the procurement solution, thus lowering costs.


The Benefits

  • Easy-to-plan monthly costs
  • No hardware
  • No need to build up system expertise
  • Able to focus on core competencies
  • Optimum data quality
  • Process cost savings

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