Content Development Services

Content Development Services


Content creation:
Hullabaloo offers content creation services both from hardcopy catalogues as well as electronic formats like PDF, XLS, CSV, text etc. We can output in any format required by the customer, like XLS, XML, text files or any exchange specific formats like OEX XML, CUP, CIF, cXML etc. Hullabaloo specializes in providing commerce rich content.

Content conversion and syndication:
Hullabaloo undertakes format conversion and publishing or syndication of content on behalf of its customers. Any existing e-Content catalogue data can be converted into any of the industry standard format (Ex: CSV, CUP, CIF, cXML, xCBL, BMECat etc). We can also "publish" the e-catalogue content to the supplier's participating marketplace and even maintain the content online.
Our experience and patented content management platform allows you to benefit by having your content ready for publishing to the following e- procurement platforms Oracle, SAP, Ariba and PeopleSoft.

Content management and maintenance:
Hullabaloo can maintain and manage the product content of any manufacturer / supplier, hosted in an e-marketplace or buyside / supply side catalogue, with regular updates on price and date.

Data Digitization
Converts your paper based documents to electronic format using innovative and cost effective processes. Our clients have realized greater ROI and exceptional quality deliverables for their outsourced conversion projects. Our data conversion process assures an accuracy rate of 99.99% and higher. We undertake conversions to text, HTML, XML and SGML formats.

Image editing:
Hullabaloo undertakes Image editing jobs like scanning, cleaning, re-sizing, bordering, merging of two images and splitting of images.


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