Electronic procurement of complex goods and services

Nowadays, great demands are placed on e-procurement solutions. In addition to classic C goods, many companies wish to procure configurable IT materials and services from a catalog. Hullabaloo’s Business Catalog powered by Heiler enables you to use smart forms to expand the efficient electronic procurement process to these areas and thus procure all of those hard-to-plan requirements via a standardized process.


Beschrijving: Smartforms
The above example shows a purchase order for a business card in Heiler Business Catalog. Smart forms enable changes to be made to the form even during the release process. For example, if the HR department determines that the job title on the purchase order for the business card does not correspond to the usual naming convention, it is easily and quickly corrected, even during the ordering process.

The Benefits:

  • Highly descriptive goods, such as leasing contracts, IT materials, and services
  • Easy-to-order business cards, signs or advertising material
  • The smart form and configuration function facilitates simple illustrations of       complex products in the catalog
  • Materials kept in stock are also illustrated in the catalog system

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