Enterprise Product Information Management


A picture paints a thousand words: visual selling points


Online shoppers attach greater importance to product presentation and accurate product information when browsing for both technical and consumer products. This was the conclusion reached in a representative online study conducted by DMC- digital media center GmbH. It seems that a picture really does paint a thousand words in both online and printed promotional material. Therefore, professional media asset management is fundamental to ensuring effective product communication in both print and online channels.

Images, graphics, documents, sound and video are all managed in media-neutral format in Heiler Media Manager and made available to the relevant publication channel – be it printed catalogs or catalogs for e-business.

The Benefits

  • Less communication and research required
  • Marketing and Project Management relieved of certain tasks
  • Up-to-date, high-quality information guaranteed
  • Images automatically provided, as required
  • Assured corporate design, lower costs
  • Round-the-clock global access and collaborative work via the Internet


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