Vendor Data Collection & Validation Services

Vendor Data Collection & Validation Services


Bad data records on your vendors cost money, time and productivity. Data is out of date, incomplete or just spread across multiple business systems.

Ensuring you have valid and current vendor information in your corporate database systems is often a challenge for enterprises.


"We think it's pretty good" is no longer an acceptable standard.

To eliminate the complexity of maintaining accurate vendor databases and the business consequences of out-dated information, Hullabaloo has introduced an On-Demand vendor data collection and validation service.


The service consists of a tailored communication with multiple contact options, a 24x7 secure web based supplier registration platform, support services and expert resources - all designed to provide suppliers with a simple and effective process for entering information based on the format and rules you apply.


Supplier data is validated to ensure that business names, ABN's and address details are accurate and comply to the ATO's databases along with any other specified information. The service provides an on-going data maintenance and management capability where suppliers can log in anytime to review or update their details. The captured data is then exported in the required format for the target system, eliminating the need for manual re-keying and ensuring that data is complete and accurate.

The Vendor Validation service is ideal for organisations handling sophisticated databases, such as large Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management and Supplier Relationship Management systems.


"The service means entities that don't have the internal resources or capability to undertake comprehensive database validation can now do so. Organisations who rely on such databases cannot afford the business critical consequences of inaccurate information can now take steps to protect themselves against inaccurate information. The service was recently used by a major NSW Government agency to collect and validate vendor information from its 3000 vendors.


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