Enterprise Product Information Management

PIM 360°

Companies need a 360-degree view of their product data


Not all companies today establish a consistent and transparent process in the Product Information Supply Chain. This starts at the data acquisition stage. In particular, the benefits of internal use in different areas are often underestimated. In sales, such companies and their product managers today often think and work in a more channel-specific manner, both within the corporate organization and in their daily activities.

The catalog department in marketing asks: "How do I best place my items in the print catalog?" The e-commerce team worries about making the best presentation possible in the webshop conversion. This, however, obstructs successful multichannel commerce. Print catalog data are maintained for online searches, for example, but because of the lack of synonymous keywords they are never found. Revenue potential goes wasted.

Successful multichannel commerce and e-commerce need perfect product data. Between data


integration and the increasing number of different marketing and distribution channels, however, there still lies a great deal more. This is right where PIM 360° comes in.

Following the motto "Integrate - Manage - Sell", PIM 360 begins with the integration of product information, takes in corporate data management and ends with multichannel commerce.


What exactly does PIM 360° mean?

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