Corporate Purchasing: central procurement of C items

When an e-procurement solution is used in the central procurement of C items, its purpose is to bundle together the requirements of an entire corporate group in order to achieve cost benefits as well as savings in terms of process costs. Both a high level of usability and complete assortments are critical factors here for user acceptance, and ultimately the success of such a solution. Using intelligent search mechanisms, the Heiler catalog solution provide users with the products they require in no time at all. Thanks to largely automated content and catalog management, large assortments can be easily checked and managed.

Beschrijving: Advanced Enterprise Procurement
The Benefits:

  • One central catalog platform for all integrated companies
  • Bundling of all procurement flows within a group
  • Significantly shorter procurement times
  • Reduced cost prices and process costs
  • "Maverick deals" avoided
  • Catalog views for view control of shared catalogs
  • Group-wide transparency of all procurement processes and thus optimization of      the supply chain

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