Data Enrichment Services

Data Enrichment


Hullabaloo provides data enrichment services which may involve sourcing content from various sources.


Data Enrichment


1.Data enrichment by sourcing manufacturer websites 

Manufacturer website URLs, Images and Data sheets are recorded. From the given input, descriptions are analysed and appropriate Noun-modifiers are assigned (as per the attribute schema preferred by client). If required, data classification and data cleansing is performed based on the customer's preference. Attribute templates are selected for the individual Noun-modifier combinations and applied to the record.

Images are sourced, resized if required, cleaned-up if required. Values are populated from the input and websites for these attributes. Quality checks re carried out during the production process and before delivery


2.Data enrichment by "manual sourcing" i.e. by contacting suppliers for additional    data


3. Data enrichment by collecting additional data by "plant walk-downs

Hullabaloo adopts the following methodology to enrich data:

List of distinct Manufacturers are compiled from the input data For each Manufacturer, his official / authorized web sources are collected. This task is performed by a separate team that is specialized in locating online resources.


4.Contacting Manufacturers & Suppliers

Supplier sourcing or manual sourcing is the process whereby suppliers are directly contacted for product information when web scraping doesn't yield results. Hullabaloo provides a unique service& process to engage customer’s suppliers for the purposes of obtaining product information in a time-bound and convenient manner. Suppliers are contacted by email / phone / fax by experienced Hullabaloo supplier enablement representatives.


5.Plant Walk Downs

Hullabaloo can also provide onsite sourcing of parts information. Using our content services personnel, we have gained valuable expertise in this space with several successfully completed on-site projects. The information is compiled and analysed from various sources within the plant like Stores, Item Master, Purchase orders/requisitions, Codification rules, Tags, Nameplates, Catalogues, etc. Additionally, the items are physically assessed and measured to gather technical data.



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