Catalog Publishing


Catalog Publishing for print catalogs and e-catalogs

Success comes to those who give their customers the right information at the right time. Nowadays, companies use various different print publications and electronic catalogs, depending on the industry and target group.

These include printed catalogs, brochures, supplements, flyers, price lists, and data sheets, as well as e-catalogs generated in the form of BMEcat, XML, cXML or Datanorm.

Different processes involving various people, departments, and external service providers, such as graphic designers or agencies, culminate in the publication of a print publication.

Even though Catalog Publishing comprises various different publication scenarios and promotional material, they all have one thing in common: they require up-to-date and complete product information, such as prices, order numbers, delivery times, images, different marketing texts, and much more.

Enterprise Product Information Management (PIM) solutions are an important instrument in reducing the time-to-market, boosting quality, and improving collaboration.



The benefits of using Catalog Publishing from Hullabaloo:

  • You produce creative, structured, and electronic publications.
  • You reduce costs through automation.
  • You increase customer satisfaction through the use of individual catalogs.
  • You facilitate the simple reusability of products.
  • You foster greater independence among service providers.


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